Whether you are portaging, backpacking, glamping, cottage-hopping, car camping, Rv-ing, or resorting, there’s a few things that you just can’t forget. We are skipping over the basics, because we know you won’t forget your swim trunks, tent, or paddle.

We are getting right down to the nitty gritty: Sun, Tick, and Mosquito protection! We know you love the sun, we do too, but you need to keep yourself protected, which brings us to…

Checklist Item #1: Sunscreen

Sunscreen is essential in blocking out UVA and UVB to protect your skin from burns and permanent damage. Physical barrier sunscreens that contain Zinc or titanium oxide are a great choice. Free from biologically harmful chemicals and reef safe we love Think Sport for your next adventure. For even more info, check out this interesting article from gothink.com.

Checklist Item #2: Sun Protective Clothing

Sun protective clothing can protect your skin from harmful UV rays.  Contrary to popular belief, regular clothing does not provide significant protection from UV rays and therefore you can be exposing yourself to these carcinogens even when having very little exposed skin. Sun protective clothing works by absorbing UV rays to protect you, and unlike other sun protection, does not have a time limit for effectiveness.

Moving on to those pesky bugs that can really put a dampener on your much-needed vacation. Who wants to be worried about getting bitten and itchy, or even worse… infected with a disease, while you are trying to enjoy the great outdoors.


Checklist Item #3: Insect Repellent

We recommend picking up a 20% Icaridin Insect Repellent to protect yourselves and your families all day from ticks, mosquitos, and black flies. Health Link BC describes how 20% Icaridin works just as effectively as DEET, but does not cause skin irritation, damage to clothing or materials and does not feel sticky and greasy, as DEET has been known to do.

Checklist Item #4:

A little bit of time to self-check. Checking for ticks can take only a few minutes but can mean a lot for your health. Ticks can be as tiny as a grain of rice and still pose significant consequences on your health. Checking yourself and others (don’t forget your dogs) is a must, even when using a repellent.

Well, we think you are all set for your outdoor adventure. Be safe, follow our tips, and oh, don’t forget extra underwear, everyone always forgets that. Have a great trip!